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Getting the most out of your floors is important. You want them to look great while also being practical. Investing in a concrete overlay can help you achieve the look you are going for while staying within your budget. If you live in Athens, GA and are interested in having a concrete overlay installed in your home or business, Decorative Concrete Finishes Inc. can provide you with a great product as well as a free estimate.

A concrete overlay offers many aesthetic benefits, especially when you go with a stamped concrete overlay. A stamped concrete overlay is applied directly over the existing concrete flooring and can duplicate the texture and the beauty of materials like natural stone, slate, wood, and brick, all without having to replace your current concrete.

A concrete overlay can be used on any concrete, whether on the exterior or interior of your structure, and can also be applied to walls and other vertical concrete surfaces. A concrete overlay installed by Decorative Concrete Finishes Inc. is able to refresh the appearance of driveways, walkways, patios, and floors with ease. Before we install your concrete overlay, our contractor will speak with you to get an idea of what it is you want in terms of style, design, and color. Once that is done it is off to work.

Our contractor will purchase the necessary materials for your overlay, going with the budget that you have established. Our contractor will also make sure the job goes smoothly and finishes on schedule and on or below budget.

If you would like to schedule service in Athens, GA or would like more information, we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Reach us by email or phone and see what Decorative Concrete Finishes Inc. can do for you.

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